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Adventure Learning Experiences was founded in 1996. In that year, a model of learning and leadership development which incorporated both service and adventure as integral themes in their educational programs was established. This model has been successfully used in all their study and leadership programs since their initial inception in 1996. During this time it has been effectively applied in programs involving secondary school students, university and college young people, and with adults. On many occasions these populations have cohesively engaged together in a program of learning, leadership, service, and adventure.

The summer of 2011 witnessed Adventure Learning’s 45th study and service program. Since 1996, over 300 young people and over 200 adults have taken part in these programs. They have traveled to Asia, Eastern Europe, central and southern Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Countries that have been visited have included India, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa, Israel, Poland, Germany, Mexico, and Ecuador. 

The next generation of programs, beginning in 2012, will maintain the same integral themes of service, leadership, learning, and adventure and will involve many of the same destinations. In addition, planning is underway for potential 2012 programs to Viet Nam, China, Mongolia, and Peru, Uganda and Rwanda

The programs have proven to be very popular and successful. Since all programs have limited enrolment, many people are making reservations for future programs by submitting applications well in advance.




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